Cannabis for seniors

We’re taking a new direction at for reasons of ideals. This is a site for cannabis culture and community, specifically with older generations in mind.

The first mission of this website is beyond making money. And, right now it is a labor of love without wheels in place to go e-commerce anyway., where green meets grey, will always be about more than money, even when we start making it.

This is a site about how cannabis can better your life and I should know. I lead a team of talented, creative and passionate writers, artists, growers and content creators in the cannabis space who are older, wiser and willing to take the time to offer authentic content with nothing to sell (perhaps in the future).

Gen X and up has come to grips with not being the main target market for advertising anymore. That’s sort-of refreshing not to constantly be inundated with information (especially today with the million avenues of the internet).

But, to be ignored by the very industries we’ve not only supported throughout prohibition, no way.

With no one specifically serving the largest growing segment of the cannabis community- 45 and up- is stepping up to fill that gap. If you’re here, welcome. If you’re curious about cannabis, do not be worried, is meant for you. More informational entertainment than loud personalities here.

And eventually, we might sell the stuff we are ultimately going to be recommending, if there’s an interest. But, right now, the message is you are not alone as a senior interested in cannabis. That’s a good thing too, because our bodies are, literally, made for the chemical properties of cannabis. They keep our bodies healthy.

Right now, this site is more about keeping it real (to use a kick-ass expression from the 80s). Seriously, I’m a writer who’s all about research, advocacy, community and especially, authenticity. I write from the heart and seek others who feel passionately about their end of the world.

I want you to feel there’s a reason to be a part of this safe cannabis culture, this weed smoking community (okay, you can vape or dab if you want too). Because it’s genuine, it’s safe and it’s free from being bought or sold (and if I ever ask for information, it will be protected).

The world ends with you, at least your part of it. Let’s make the most of our collective experience together. If weed is the glue that binds all humanity (wait for it, I’ll write more on that), then twist one up and let’s smoke a doobie together, for old time’s sake.

You’re immunized, right?

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