Cannabis reform falls to predators

yeah… I mean politicians killing vaping

It’s no secret that the majority of Americans (and I’m guessing the world, although I haven’t seen the stats) want cannabis reform. It’s common knowledge how the system has been gamed to be difficult once the politicians got their say. What isn’t said a lot is how it affects us, the voters; small business owners and consumers.

When a Democratic administration came into power in 2021, many in the cannabis industry, indeed many weed smokers, were hopeful there would be serious reform. And while Schumer is still promising it will happen, there is too much duplicitous subterfuge in politics for me to believe anything until it’s signed into law.

Politicians suck

Sorry for the negative tone, but it’s hard not to go there once the truth about politicians starts coming to light. And the reason I’m stoked today is because of the Pact Act which went into law this February, 2021. In essence, the government has deemed all flavored vape juice illegal and all vaping devices too!

Well, not illegal, but at threat of government intervention/fines/punishment if shipped. So UPS and USPS and FedEx are all stopping the shipment of all vaporizer products because of sweeping legislation that overreaches and intrudes even more than we should be comfortable with at all.

How on earth is the government supposed to regulate every vape device except through excruciatingly slow and expensive methods that favor the wealthy. It’s impossible and it has ‘bullshit power play‘ written all over it. To me, it smacks of one of the most corrupt political occurrences to happen in the last four years.

Pact Act killing vaping industry

It’s not the sexiest graft and won’t get much attention. It got ramrodded through on some spending bill, typical of politics and the bullshit deals made under the table, funded by deep pockets, without consideration for the true constituency of politics- the land and the people.

This has big tobacco written all over it. Now, that might make me sound like a conspiracy nut, but the day after I started reading about this, ugh, Pact (with the devil) Act, which most of us know nothing about, but now that I am in the cannabis industry full time, I do.

We all do in the industry because this Pact Act will wipe out small businesses across the country. Worse- it’s the government, so there is no set time frame. They’ve enacted the legislation but have no time frame, which is why flavored vape juice and delivery devices are still being sold a year later. But the threat is there, and it’s all about control.

Politics for the people

Worse, this will drive vapers to other means to get the products they already know. They’ll go back to mixing their own vape juice and we’ll see more poisonings like we did in the early days because government oversight overlooks the obvious- vaping isn’t their business. Governing is their business.

Government should not be about business except to make sure that business isn’t hurting the land or the people. Oversight yes, but not overall control. Not enough power to wipe out an entire legal industry by threatening shippers. ‘Power play‘ is too nice. That’s a total dick move you fucking bought-off tool pricks.

And, worst of all, this over-intrusion into people’s lives, as well as honest industry, is something passed without any vote except for the fat cats in congress. They used well-meaninged intentions and then it just gets bastardized by the greedy fucks in power. Too many cooks in the kitchen and now an entire industry is at risk.

Government has a place

Sorry for the vulgarity. That’s not what Grannabis is about, although advocacy is. And, let’s not fool ourselves, vaping is a cannabis-heavy industry. This is an autocratic power grab to control an industry about which they know nothing because they see how profitable it is.

Bongs will be next.

Look, I actually believe in government oversight if done right. The problem is, government work never is ‘done right’ because it’s controlled by cheap, rich men and women of privilege who could give a shit about the rest of us until after their own pockets are lined and they ensure they have their thumb on . Sigh.

I’m sorry. I believe in Government, but not politicians. Sort of like God and church. Certain words get capitalized for a REASON.

Smoke up

What a conundrum. What can we do?

The obvious answer is vote. But we also have to ask these questions before they become problems, but if they do become problems have accountability and transparency to show us the money. Other than voting, we can do the most effective thing of all- call.

Get in touch with your legislators. This army of beanz, these seeds of truth and warriors willing to fight for their right for a place in the sun, if we rose together for a common cause and all called the same day at the same time with the same message- over and over, day after day- we could own the rich and tell them their positions.

Stand up, well, sit up and call

No violence needed. No mass protests in the streets. Just civil disobedience, using the infrastructure built by the fat cats against them. And then, vote. Vote like they’ll take it away from you if you don’t. Because I’ve got news for you, If they can stop you from stopping them, they will.

We’ve already seen it tried loudly, but they do it quietly every day to restrict real freedoms (not just vape sales) to keep themselves in power and their pockets lined with our money. America should not be for sale and Americans especially, are not to be denied and we won’t, if we rise.

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