This site is intended for people 45 and older. So if you are a youngster, just stay off my lawn!

There. We got the biggest stereotype about Grandparent-aged people out of the way early… the old ‘Stay off my lawn, Junior,’ hilarity. The rest of the site is good as gold. Or green. I guess that depends on if you are doing flower or oil 🙂

You get the picture. : where ganja meets gray

Currently, is a knowledge base for older cannabis consumers. We offer learning opportunities about CBD and cannabis and how cannabinoids are used by the human body. for older folk is here for you to learn, laugh and just hang with like-minded people. It’s about community, culture and cannabis. Doc Beanz is not a medical doctor. Yhis site in no way takes responsibility for your choices and instead aims to educate and facilitate through product and industry knowledge.

So you know we are here for one another. Buy a co-op account and you’ll receive tremendous value all year, showing those youngsters how it’s done.

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Again, if you want to check on the legality of cannabis in your state, click here for a detailed infographic and ongoing blog.

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