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Grannabis cannabis community for GenX

JK! All are welcome at Grannabis, although it is a site made specifically for seniors interested in cannabis!

Grannabis is 420 friendly with a touch of gray. It’s a network of Gen Xers, Baby Boomers, Boomers and beyond- connecting cannabuds like you!

Grannabis is 420 community

Grannabis supports the responsible use of cannabis in elder lifestyles. Whether medicinal or recreational is for you to decide- not Washington! (You should probably include a doctor too.)

So, educate yourself and hang with some knowledgeable friends- aka grannabuds!! We have a great library of reading material, a store in the works and cool, collective incentives.

Grannabis is the best resource for older cannabis users. Here you can learn, earn, buy or just hang out. The great thing about cannabis is- it’s a community of interactions that make life better.


  • Full strength THC legal for >half U.S. citizens.
  • Hemp-derived THC products legal to >90% U.S. citizens.
  • Mexico and Canada have legalized adult-use cannabis.
  • Cannabis and ancillary businesses employ tens of thousands.
  • Cannabis industry generates billions of dollars for states. With a B.
  • Seniors are the fastest growing cannabis market for a reason!

In 2018, the passage of the Farm Bill legalized industrial hemp and all hemp-derived products. And, in 2022, all federal marijuana convictions were given a presidential pardon. Many states are following suit and full scale legalization is inevitable.

Bookmark and join us for the Grannabis Network community benefits! Our e-com store is geared for older cannabis users for the best vaporizers, smoking and dabbing accessories!

Medical or recreational

Adult-use cannabis benefits seniors, especially.

  • Cannabis treatment is being explored for multiple maladies
  • Cannabis has anti-inflammation and analgesic properties
  • Cannabis has a broad spectrum of cannabinoids
  • CBD and THC work well together or apart
  • Cannabinoids balance all major body systems

How cannabis helps

Learning cannabis facts can help you decide your next best steps. We try to keep information at grannabis a free-flowing network of connections. If you want to read and learn or get advice, go to the Library. If you need gear, head to the Smoke Shop (coming soon!). And, if you want hang out and have some fun, check out the Lounge.

This is the Grannabis philosophy; that the same entourage effect that cannabinoids have, can also make our together efforts better. As an older, pro-cannabis community collective, together, we make each other better!

So, welcome! There’s much more to learn and cool gear on the way!

Is Grannabis right for me?

The site is still growing and in its very early stages, but Grannabis.net is a resource designed with older cannabis consumers in mind. It doesn’t matter if you learning how to roll a joint, how CBD can improve your body or whether cannabis is right for you in the first place.

Cannabis is inclusive by nature in every aspect. And so, welcome, no matter what your age.

Become a Grannabis evangelist

Help spread the word that senior care is going cool! The Network structure lets your earn rewards, points and even money for being a Grannabis evangelist. You’re old enough to know better than to hang with hapless hipsters for your cannabis cool, so you belong here!

Cannabis legalization isn’t (just) about the hippies getting high! it’s also about some truly important subjects: social inequity, criminal justice, medical efficacy, political reform and, Grannabis feels, spirituality.

Weed is a Godsend, a blessing to mankind- including you- so become a Grannavangelist for Grannabis and help us spread the word- cannabis helps older people age better!

Come for the burn, stay for the learn!

That’s right, no matter what your views are politically, socially, spiritually, physically, emotionally, medicinally, historically, financially, racially, recreationally or otherwise… the fact is, your body has an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that helps regulate all major body systems.

Nearly every cell in your body has special cannabinoid receptors. We didn’t even know this until the late 1980s or about the ECS until the 1990s. Groundbreaking work that literally affects all humanity, but was kept from us for more than 50 years because of politics.

Think for yourself

If you are considering cannabis for the first time because your body is aging fast, you’re in the right place. We understand.

If you’re here because of all the good things you’ve heard about CBD or THC or the entourage effect of a broad spectrum of cannabinoids, you’re in the right place!

We speak as much or as little of the lingo as you want to hear. But here at Grannabis, we give you options, a sense of community as well as save you time and money!